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Armchair Seat-Up

Armchair with lifting functionality
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This is a beautifully designed chair with a mechanical lifting functionality. A spring will help you to stand when you lean forward.

This armchair is taylormade to each users weight and height to provide you with the highest possible comfort for your personal circumstances. Are you light or heavy? When you submit your weight while ordering, we adapt the spring strength and settings so that your chair works best for you. The same settings works very well within a range of about 20 kg.

There is no risk that the lifting mechanism "shoots out" the user with great force. If one weighs too little for the set lifting force, the chair not lower when you sit in it. The speed of the lifting function is a result of how quickly the person in the chair rises. It is the user's motion that controls the speed of the lifting, therefore, the speed can never become too high.

Are you tall or short? When you submit your height while ordering, we adapt the height of the chair's legs so that it fits for you. We have three different leg heights: 

Low: For those below 170 cm
Medium: For those between 170-185 cm
High: For those over 185 cm 

If you have unusually short or long legs for your height, it is good if you specify this when ordering. The legs are attached with screw pins and can be easily replaced if it should turn out that you have chosen the wrong seat height.

This armchair costing 10500 SEK including shipping. We will call you to check the fabric type, etc. after you have placed your order.

Contact us for ordering tel 031-711 99 14

Price:  10500,00 SEK
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article no:  R12
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