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Hot/cold neck collar

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This collar is balanced over the neck and shoulders and stays in place even when you move. You can heat or cool it as desired. Heat relieves pain and helps you relax. Nice when you are cold or stressed. A cold pillow relieves eg swelling.

The pillow is filled with fruit kernels, a by-product from Europe's fruit industries. The cushion's form-fitting channels keeps the filling in place.

A product that does good for people and the environment.

Hand wash at 40-60 degrees. Use soap or detergent for stain removal. Dry hanging in a drying cabinet or lying on a radiator.

To make a hot pack: 
Microwave: heat 2 minutes at 700 watts 
Oven: (wrap the pillow in eg a towel) heat 15 minutes at 150 degrees. 

Moisten the pillow with a little water before reheating it.

If you re-heat the pillow before it cooled enough half the times for warm-up.

To make a cool pack:
Put into the freezer for about 30 minutes, then wear a t-shirt underneath the collar while wearing it.
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