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Cefar compex SP 4.0

Split |

For you who train 3 times / week . The stimulator will help you to increase your muscle volume , help with your relaxation/recovery and even with your rehabilitation if you are injured .

total of 30 programs divided as follows: 10 Training 8 Analgesia 5 Recovery 2 Rehab 5 Fitness

Compex Wireless SP4.0 include: MI-SCAN This feature adjusts the current to each individual's physiology. Just before stimulation investigates MI-scan the selected muscle group and automatically adjusts the stimulator parameters. Therefore, you should perform MI-scan measurement at each stimulation, to ensure optimum performance and comfort. The function embodied in the beginning of the program through a short measurement sequence. During the entire test measurements it is important to remain still and completely relaxed. When the test is complete, the program can begin.

MI-RANGE The function MI-range allows users to select the ideal level of stimulation intensity for programs recovery, massage, capillarisation or even muscle pain. In the beginning the program asks the user unit to increase the intensity of the stimulation. During this increase, the device analyzes the response of each stimulated muscle and derive optimum level. As soon as a muscle reaches its optimal level deselect the associated channel and stimulation intensity can not be increased. Regain control by simply selecting the channel again and raise or lower the intensity of the stimulation.

MI-TENS The function of MI's limiting unwanted muscle contractions in the painful areas. At any intensity increase is a testing phase and if a muscle contraction is detected, the device automatically reduces the intensity of stimulation. This function is only available in the programs TENS, Epicondylitis and Tendonitis.


1 st stimulator 1 pc charger 1 set of cables, 4 snap on 1 Mi tendons cable 2 FRP electrodes, 5x5 2 FRP electrodes, 5x10 1 st CD-ROM manual 1 QUICK GUIDE 1 transport case

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