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Cefar TNS Primo Basic

TENS Easy to use
Split |
Well thought-out simplicity !

A simpler stimulator that is designed for use by both medical professionals and patients in the home. CEFAR BASIC contains pre-set programs for the most common indications , and is an excellent alternative to the more advanced stimulators .
Automatic amplitude adjustment . By simply pressing a button amplitude adjusts automatically. A feature that makes it easier for the user, and ensure that an optimal level of stimulation achieved . All for the best treatment results !
Lighting backround
A larger display , combined with built-in light makes it easier to read.
There is a timer that allows you to set the treatment between 0-60 minutes.
monitoring Function
Allows you to monitor the use of the stimulator. CEFAR BASIC has two different kinds of compliance .
A) Monitoring the use of the stimulator shown in hours and minutes, with the option to reset between different users.
Program guide
Ingånde information on how and when programs should be included in the manual.
You'll also find information on the method and electrode placement guide with pictures for the various treatments.
Application and key lock, pause function: all important functions for both prescribers and patients .
Comes in a bag with the following accessories:
* 2 connecting cords
* 2 rechargeable 1.2 V AA batteries
* 1 x Charger
* 1 x Necklace
* 1 x belt clip
* 1 x Manual
Note Electrodes are not included and must be ordered separately .
Price:  2200,00 SEK
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