Göran Sjödén Rehab Butik AB
Rosenlundsgatan 4
S-411 20 Gothenburg
Phone: +46-(0)31-711 99 14

Opening hours in the store
Mon-Fri 10 - 18
Saturday - 10-15
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Swedish Environmental Certificate from 2016-12-31

Environmental policy adopted 2015-10-01 

Göran Sjödén's Rehabshop AB takes its responsibilities as a corporate citizen very seriously. We believe that protecting the environment and especially our climate is an area we must contribute to in a responsible manner.

We take measures to prevent and minimize our negative environmental impact and we deal with the negative environmental impact that can not be completely eliminated in a responsible manner. Our biggest environmental impact today is in transportation to get goods to and from our store and warehouse. This is a priority area for improvement. 

This means that we work closely with our trade partners and suppliers to constantly improve ourselves in the areas of: 

- Environmental protection as an important aspect when evaluating our business. 

- In our field, we must protect our environment by minimizing adverse environmental impact of our products throughout their lifecycle. 

- Compliance with national and international environmental law, and acting as a good role model and where possible we try to participate in voluntary initiatives. 

- Our staff is trained and motivated to behave in an environmentally responsible manner in their daily work. 

- We communicate and work together with all stakeholders, including transparency in outcomes and developments. 

- Our suppliers must be able to demonstrate that they operate in an environmentally friendly manner. 

Goran Sjödén, CEO


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