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Strength Vest

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The Strength Vest gives you a better posture by practicing your posture muscles. It is designed to provide support to the shoulders and works out the muscles in your back, shoulders and neck in a correct position. While your muscles are strengthened, wearing the vest also reduces any pain in these areas.

The vest is made of soft material to ensure a comfortable fit, while being easy to put on and adjust.

The backplate consists of three layers of durable mesh. The two outer layers are made from polyester to provide a stable plate, and the innermost layer consists of a blend of spandex and nylon that is comfortable and flexible. The material is breathable and leads away moisture which makes the vest comfortable to wear even when moving.

As reinforcement and protection of the seams we use artificial leather. This gives a nice detailing, while extending the life of the vest.

The shoulder straps are made of a mixture of rubber, polyester and cotton and are soft and elastic to reduce the risk for chafing.

The waist band is made up of nine narrow strips made of polyester, rubber, nylon and cotton which is stitched together with nylon threads elasticity. Around this band is a guard band of rubber and polyester to protect the seams and distribute the load on the waistband. This provides a rigid and durable waistband that is also comfortable and breathable.

Measure the size of the chest
S (60 cm - 78 cm)
M (70 cm - 85 cm)
L (80 cm - 96 cm)
XL (90 cm - 106 cm)
XXL (100 cm - 115 cm)

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